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#Justice for Jaime

On Sunday April 26, 2020 , James Isiah "Jamie" Keene's life was brutally and tragically taken.  He was a loving son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin, friend and father to two young boys.  Jamie had a generous spirit, warm personality, winning smile and contagious laugh.  

The family has started an independent investigation of the facts surrounding and leading to Jamie's murder in order to pursue justice as a result of his death.

To conduct this investigation the family needs funds for an attorney, private investigator and possibly a forensic examiner to gather and examine all facts surrounding his case before it is presented to the Grand Jury in June 2020.

Any and all donations are greatly appreciated to help ensure justice is served and to give peace and closure to the family.

We asked continued prayers for my family and for all those involved in this case.

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